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“An Inspirational Story—

When Facing Breast Cancer Alone.

It’s A Must Read!”

Nora Lynn Finch

Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

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An Atypical Journey—​Facing Breast Cancer ​Alone In The Middle ​East with God and My ​Tribe

“You’ve Got This!” “Keep Moving Forward!” One Day At A Time!”

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ronnie was ​diagnosed with breast cancer while working in the Middle East. ​Ronnie had to drive herself to chemo treatments as the ​pandemic shut down the world. As a former Division I basketball ​player and now a Speech Pathologist, Ronnie put everything ​she learned on and off the court into play— her medical ​knowledge, determination, life lessons lived, and dynamic faith. ​The recall of lessons taught by Ronnie's parents and former ​coach, Coach Kay Yow, would prevail throughout this season of ​her life. Ronnie had her Tribe of friends who motivated and ​encouraged her along the way. She knew this journey would be ​anything but typical. Collectively, Ronnie used all her ​experiences to write about how she faced her breast cancer ​challenge in order to encourage you. It’s full of remarkable ​insight, analysis, and suggestions such as staying grateful and ​positive, staying mobile via exercise, healthy eating, and ​keeping track of appointments. It illuminates the unknown, ​eases anxiety, and negates the many surprises cancer brings. ​An Atypical Journey is an inspirational book for patients and ​families facing one of life’s most challenging journeys, cancer.

Ronnie Speaks On:

  • Breast Cancer Awarness
  • Resilience Through Great Trials
  • Power of Support, Tribe from Afar
  • Importance of Fitness and Healthy Eating
  • Game Plan—Healthy Thought Process
  • Team Management and Communication
  • Insightful Tips That Bring Relief

#2 on Amazon’s

Best Seller’s List

To win against cancer, or any imposing obstacle, one must engage physically, mentally, emotionally, ​and spiritually. Ronnie’s game plan include action plans in all four realms. She researched online, ​communicated with close friends, drank gallons of water, ate high protein foods, exercised, and talked ​with God. Philippians 4:11-13 became Ronnie’s mantra--Lord, may your will be done. There is ​undeniable comfort in knowing that whatever happens to us is part of God’s plan if we are following His ​will by putting Him first, giving Him the credit, claiming His faithfulness, thanking Him for all things ​because we trust that He will work everything according to His will (Romans 8:28). God’s plan for ​Ronnie is revealed throughout An Atypical Journey. It’s a must read for you or your loved one going ​through cancer!


#2 on Amazon’s

Best Seller’s List

“You’ve Got This!” “Keep Moving Forward!” One Day At A Time!”

Are you or someone you love going through breast ​cancer? If so, My Appointment Notebook—Your ​Guide To Helping You Through Your Breast Cancer ​Journey is the perfect notebook for you. It's an ​inspirational comprehensive companion for all your ​appointment needs during your breast cancer journey. It ​provides the necessary support and organization to help ​you navigate through this difficult time helping to making ​your journey through breast cancer easier. It is a great ​resource full of gentle reminders, guidelines, and ​directions to help you ask the right questions and get the ​answers you will need from your providers. All while ​keeping track of your appointments, tests, medical ​procedures, and emergency contacts in one easy-to-find ​spot for you and your caregivers. You will not want to ​leave home without My Appointment Notebook—Your ​Guide To Helping You Through Your Breast Cancer ​Journey, the essential tool to help you get through life's ​toughest battles—breast cancer.

My Appointment Notebook is Filled With:

  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Impactful Guides
  • Insightful Words of Encouragement
  • Well-Structured and Organized Appointment Sheets
  • A Personalized Notebook For You, Your Providers, ​Caregivers, and Family

If you have breast cancer, this is the book for you! My Appointment Notebook, the companion book to ​An Atypical Journey, helps illuminate the unknown, ease anxiety, and negate the many surprises breast ​cancer can bring. Ronnie will inspire you to move forward in your breast cancer journey with her ​inspirational “Words of Wisdom.” Included are essential sheets that will help you keep track of all your ​appointments, surgeries, notes from your providers, and other important medical information. It’s a ​much-needed asset if you or a loved one is going through cancer!



V. Ronnie Laughlin, SLP

Ronnie Laughlin is a gifted athlete who excelled in basketball, ​volleyball, and track and field. A former women’s Division I ​basketball player, she played for Peace College and North ​Carolina State University. Ronnie graduated from NCSU with ​an undergraduate degree in Speech Communication. Ronnie ​obtained her Master of Arts Degree from Louisiana State ​University. Ronnie has worked in various settings, including ​schools, universities, hospitals, and clinics. Ronnie has been ​a color analyst for radio and television broadcasts. She is ​now a Speech Pathologist working in the Middle East, ​helping children, adolescents, and adults to communicate ​effectively. Despite being diagnosed with breast cancer ​during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ronnie wanted ​to write this book to share with others how she coped with ​her diagnosis. Ronnie is an avid golfer and a Leaderboard ​member for Women of Color Golf (WOCG) in Tampa, Florida.


Get your highlighter, a pen and notepad, and maybe your ​recording device because An Atypical Journey is a playbook on ​what to expect, how to prepare, and how to pray after the physician ​says, “Your breast biopsy is malignant – you have breast cancer.”

An Atypical Journey is Ronnie’s gift to us, a playbook or game plan ​on what to expect and how to prepare when someone you know ​begins the journey. Her careful notes illuminate the unknown which ​eases the anxiety and negates many surprises. Her personal ​insights that she references as “wisdom” are her suggestions to ​make things easier. Ronnie’s lifestyle of regular exercise and ​healthy diet, faith, exemplary parents, influential mentors and ​friends, advanced education, and world class medical professionals ​(and insurance!) were invaluable foundations. Regardless of where ​we are on the foundation spectrum, having a successful game plan ​will be fundamental. Ronnie’s narrative can be a tremendous help.

Enjoy getting to know Ronnie! Take notes – keep a journal – ​highlight the definitions – talk to God about it! Keep it close as a ​reference for you and your loved ones.

—Nora Lynn Finch

Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

In An Atypical Journey, Ronnie writes a very personal and detailed ​journey of her experience in battling breast cancer alone in the Middle ​East during the Covid-19 Pandemic. In her journey, Ronnie shares her ​unwavering courage, determination, perseverance, and faith in God, that ​she used daily to fight and overcome her cancer battle. This book ​provides the reader with inspiration and motivation to overcome one of ​life’s biggest health challenges. Ronnie provides readers with a glimpse ​into her childhood and her early life as an athlete that prepared her to ​face tough challenges. Her challenge to overcome and combat cancer ​with grace, dignity and her faith is beyond remarkable. Her book provides ​readers with real-life examples and experiences on how to face the ​challenge of cancer, prepare for the fight and to become your own best ​health advocate to win the fight. Ronnie is a winner and a survivor! Her ​book, An Atypical Journey, will inspire you to win and to live your best life!

—Clemmie C. Perry

Women of Color Golf Founder & Executive Director

Ronnie’s Words of Wisdom

Helpful advice and information you will need throughout your journey with breast cancer are an​ essential part of combating fatigue and emotional distress. Ronnie wants you to know, “Y​ou’ve got this, and you are not alone in your journey!”

Image of African American Sportswoman Working Out with Battle Ropes

Staying Active

Top-view Photography of Sliced Vegetable and Fruits

Eating Healthy

Reading a Bible and Having Coffee


Empowering Women

Guest Speaker

Ronnie is a world-renowned speaker, athlete, ​and breast cancer advocate who persevered ​through her journey alone amidst the COVID-​19 pandemic while residing in the Middle ​East. Her athletic background, coupled with ​the unwavering support of her Tribe of friends, ​and her dynamic faith, enabled her to ​overcome the numerous obstacles she ​encountered. Ronnie aims to serve as a ​source of encouragement and support for ​those experiencing similar hardships as she ​stands beside you, cheering you on in your ​breast cancer journey. A portion of the ​proceeds will go to the Kay Yow Cancer Fund​ to help women in their battle. If you would like ​to schedule Ronnie as a guest speaker, ​please contact Heidi Jensen ​at heidifreshimpactpr@gmail.com.​

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